• Mark D’Rosario, LEED AP

    Principal/Managing Partner

    Mark, a.k.a “Mark D” is the Principal and Managing Partner for The CE Group. Unlike other engineering types, he has a robust personality and an eye for style. His geek side comes into play with 26 years of design experience, his obsessive attention to detail, creative solutions, and his dog like dedication to doing each project well. Mark's innovative approach to design paired with close attention to our clients needs has shaped our office culture and the way we do business.

    While everyone is talking now about Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Mark’s philosophy of business has been one of collaboration since day one. The CE evolution of this concept is manifested in the addition of the services offered over the years.

    Mark is a graduate of Wandsworth College, Wandsworth, England with an HVAC Diploma. He is a LEED Accredited Professional and a member of ASHRAE, AIA and USGBC. Mark received the Outstanding Professionalism award from Larimer County, and was selected to serve on the International Building Code Review Committee for the
    City of Fort Collins.

    Paul Seward, PE, LEED AP


    He may not look like it, but Paul has nearly three decades (and counting) of engineering expertise behind him. A quality control nut-case, he boasts an excellent track record of client satisfaction on technically demanding projects. He has been a top-dog managing partner from day one.

    Paul’s style comes from a mix of Science and History. With a Bachelors in Western American History, a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and a Masters in Energy Engineering he moves toward tomorrow armed with a knowledge of yesterday.

    Paul’s a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Nebraska, Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota & Hawaii, certified in Plumbing Engineering and is a LEED Accredited Professional. No joke. He is a member of ASHRAE, ASPE, and AEE, Colorado Historical Society, Historic Denver and Historic Boulder. He received the Boulder County Energy Conservation Award, Cogeneration Project of the Year Award and a Colorado 2002 Renewable Energy in Buildings Award. In addition, he is a Certified GeoExchange Designer.
    How’s that for designer- geek smart?

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  • Matt Dworak, LEED GA

    Project Manager/Senior Designer

    Matt came to the CE Group and has been with us for 11 years. Maybe it’s because of his landscaping background, or just because he’s brilliant, but Matt can get the “lay of the land” or the big picture in an instant. He also is our REVIT master and utilizes BIM (Building Information Modeling) to nail down the nuances of designing innovative mechanical systems.

    Matt is the kind of guy that will tell you just how it is in an easy-going way- always giving us the straight scoop.

    He holds a B.S. in Industrial Technology Management from Colorado State University, and is schooled in both the Uniform Plumbing Code, and International Plumbing Code. Accolades include
    the Quality Quest Improvement Scholarship from Colorado State University, Dean’s List in school and Certificate Program-Carrier Technical Development. Professional Associations lucky enough to have Matt as a member include; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE).

    Kristin Blundell, PE

    Senior Project Manager

    No longer the newest member of the pack; Kristin brings along 19+ years of experience in mechanical and plumbing system design. Attention to the nuts and bolts of a project and listening to the clients’ needs are a top priority for her.

    Kristin is a graduate of the University of Wyoming, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering. While she stays current with the latest technologies and sustainable movement, she maintains her Wyoming roots and strives to keep systems simple and user friendly.

    Kristin is a registered Professional Engineer in multiple states and is a member of ASHRAE. She shares our collaborative philosophy, and with her dogged effort and ability to sniff out the best solutions, she will only add value to the CE Group.

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  • Nancy D’Rosario, RS

    Business Manager

    For those who aren’t familiar with the designation RS - it stands for Rock Star. Nancy is the glue that holds the whole team together. Her job is to take care of everything that running a business entails so everyone else can have laser focus on your project. She has been working in the Architect/Engineering/Contracting world for close to two decades and could write a book about how to make things work- in any kind of situation or economy.

    Over her tenure, Nancy has learned the best ways to connect with potential clients, do all the background work to keep them, and the easy personality to make them friends. Anyone lucky enough to deal directly with Nancy knows they’ll get superb care. Those clients who don’t interact with her can rest assured she’s keeping the engine primed and finely tuned. That way all the geeky folks can do what they do best!

    Her geek status is only slightly behind her rock star status. Nancy holds a B.S. in Accounting from Maryville University of Saint Louis, and an A.S. in Accounting from Central Missouri State University, where of course, she was in the Honor Society.


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  • Erika Cole, EIT, LEED GA

    Project Engineer

    Erika came to the CE Group fresh out of the University of Wyoming Architectural Engineering Program, where she also worked as an Engineering Intern for the University.   She was extremely active on campus having served as the UW Chapter ASHRAE President, Architectural Engineering Institute UW Chapter Vice President, UW Engineering Fund for Enrichment Board Chairman and Architectural Engineering Representative and having held a national membership in The USGBC.  She was one busy pup…and she’s still going strong.

    Erika has a dogged work ethic that is nearly impossible to keep up with.  She is quick to learn new concepts and digs deep to understand all the parameters of a project prior to project kickoff.  She easily fits in to the culture at The CE Group and is a true team player, both internally and with the external project team.

    Erika holds a BS from the University of Wyoming in Architectural Engineering with a Mechanical Emphasis.  She is currently an Engineer in Training (EIT) and LEED Green Associate.


    Marcus Brand

    BIM Manager

    As an early innovator of 3-D Modeling, Marcus brings a wealth of knowledge in BIM Management to The CE Group.  With nearly 6 years of Revit experience under his collar, Marcus leads all aspects of our CAD Department and is a valuable asset when it comes to setting Revit Standards for The CE Group.  And if that isn’t enough, Marcus is also providing Plumbing Design Services for our firm.

    Having a construction background, Marcus brings that practical knowledge of “how things fit together” to our firm.  He has a working knowledge of both the engineering requirements and field limitations, which is an invaluable tool in 3-D Modeling.

    Marcus holds an AS in Engineering Technologies and a Computer Aided Drafting Certificate from Arapahoe Community College and has attended numerous Revit Technology Conferences to help round out his pedigree.


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