Sustainability is on everyone’s mind. Companies talk about it, and make promises to implement “sustainable” practices. But what is Sustainability?


To us, sustainability is not a buzz word. It requires passion and dedication, initiative and ingenuity, insight, and commitment. We consistently work with all partners involved with a project to:

Apply LEED standards wherever possible
Design systems to optimize energy efficiency
Calculate payback potential for various systems
Analyze user requirements and suggest user behavior changes
ourselves, consultants, suppliers and clients regarding
the latest developments in mechanical system.

LEED Projects

UW College of Business
LEED Gold Certified

UW Energy Resources School
LEED Gold (design phase)

LEED Standards

COE Library/UW Information and Learning Library
LEED Silver equivalent standards

UW Law School, Moot Court Addition/Renovation
LEED Silver equivalent standards

Sustainability Projects/Awards

O’Dell Brewing Company Expansion
2010 Colorado Sustainable Design Awards
1st Place-Commercial Category

2003 Boulder County Conservation Award

Environmental Stewardship

Our philosophy is to apply the most environmentally responsible approach and appropriate systems for each project. As LEED Certified professionals, we apply LEED standards wherever possible. While many of our projects followed LEED standards, not all of them pursued the LEED Certification. What concerns us and our clients most, is how a building performs and our shared role in taking care of our world now and in the future.