Hello World

Hello World!

Welcome to our new website and the wonderful world of blogging. Our hope is to provide you with relevant, useful information, to hear what our clients and associates have to say, to bark like a big dog once in a while, and to mix in a little fun and frivolity now and again. So…how shall we start?

Let’s begin by telling you about a recent project we were fortunate enough to be involved with at The University of Wyoming in Laramie. Coe Library, otherwise known as Information Library and Learning Center (dubbed IL²C by us nerds) was an occupied/ phased project consisting of a 93,000 SF addition followed by a major renovation of the existing 188,656 SF library. Exciting for us mechanical types, we were tasked with designing a satellite utility distribution vault to serve both COE Library and The College of Business building next door. One of the architects on this project, Ev Ruffcorn with ruffcorn mott hinthorne stine, had this to say:

“It is a rare – and delightful – occurrence in the design profession to discover a mechanical engineering firm that possesses both technical knowledge and an interest in creative architecture. We have found both to be true in the CE Group. Mark D and his team have the uncommon ability to collaborate creatively and with ease in support of the architectural vision. The building is better for CE’s involvement.”

Thanks Ev!

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