Mechanical Engineers are geeky - we know. But we get design too.

    The CE Group delivers “geek smart”
    without the tunnel vision.
    We understand how mechanical
    systems can effect design and
    comfort of a building inside
    and out.

    we’re different

    Our mothers may have used the term “different” to explain us to neighbors, but that’s not what we mean. This “different” is good. We balance our technical smarts with an eye for aesthetics. Our goal is to provide the best, most efficient systems that compliment the project in both function and design.


    The way we approach a project is methodical and simple.

    It may be old fashioned, but we believe
    careful planning and precise execution are
    keys to a project’s overall success.

    Our simple approach and ability to mix practicality with design
    is what makes us different.

    how we do it

    Use Standardized Systems
    Use Standardized Components
    Design for Energy Efficiency
    Design for Personnel Safety
    Recognize Aesthetics
    Provide Comfort
    Easy to Build, Maintain and Control
    Evaluate before Implementation
    Address Required System Redundancy


    From large public facilities to small commercial buildings, The CE Group designs buildings from the inside out. We are dedicated to designing efficient, functional, and cost effective systems with a sense of the aesthetics of the building.

    our commitment

    To us, relationships are everything. That’s why we give our clients our unyielding focus in communication, service and superior engineering design. Our staff are committed to the same high standards because we hire the best and brightest and have fun doing our jobs.

    We seek to align with clients of integrity who understand that quality systems increase the value, efficiency and longevity of a building which results in lower operating and maintenance costs.